PERHATI Participation in Wuhan Solidarity Prayer

2020年2月21日于雅加达PIK次之开发区举办了一场隆重为中国武汉祈福,由印尼联合协会,包括宗教领导人、许多学生协会及其他组织机构代表,也不例外印尼留华学生协会(PERHATI-ALUMNI TIONGKOK)都一起表现团结精神来为武汉和疾情奋斗加油。

It was an action of global citizens.. regardless of a citizen who bound by only one ethnic group, religion, social status, education, gender or whatever background of Indonesia.
And there were Minahasans who performed their traditional ethnical North Sulawesi dance, named Kabasaran Dance.


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