中国驻印尼使馆以特别方式庆祝中国人民解放军建军节 –The Chinese Embassy in Indonesia Celebrated the Commemoration of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in A Special Way

和平日报, 8月1日是中国人民解放军建军节。在新冠肺炎疫情全球蔓延的特殊时期,中国驻印尼使馆以特别方式庆祝这一庄严节日。







文章表示,经过疫情考验,中印尼两军的友谊必将进一步巩固和深化,为两国关系持续发展增添新的活力。)   (中新网记者:林永传)

August 1st is the commemoration day of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. During the global spread of the Covid-19 special long period pandemic, the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia celebrated this solemn holiday in a special way.

The embassy meticulously produced a special video with topic, “Working together to Preserve Peace and Create a Better Future” for online broadcasting. The Chinese National Defence Senior Attaché, Colonel Zhou Jian, published a signed article in Indonesian mainstream media describing the historic development of the Chinese People’s Army, the mission of preserving world peace, and the bilateral concrete issues of military cooperation between China and Indonesia.

In his signed article, Zhou Jian said that no matter in the war era, peace building and The Reformation and Opening period, The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has made outstanding contributions to the country and its’ people. It has built the Great Wall of Steel to defend national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity; not only is the Chinese people in the spirit of “guardian saint” that peacefully building a beautiful homeland and pursuing a happy life, but also as the “new force” of the Chinese nation to realize the dream of a great rejuvenation and a strong country.

The article said that at present, the Chinese army has taken a key steps towards realizing the dream of a strong military through reformation and reshaping, and showing a totally fresh new look to the world. The Chinese army has developed from a single service army into a various combined services and arms powerful army. The army which was armed only with the “millets plus rifle” in the past, has developed into a powerful army that basically applies mechanization and accelerates towards technological information.

The article stated that as an important part of the China-Indonesia bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership, the military relations between the two countries have continuously made new progresses. Those progresses include: maintaining high-level exchanges and communication between the two militaries, continuously improving mutual trust strategic level, and setting up the direction for relations development between the two militaries; pertaining dialogues and exchanges are efficient and smooth and actively conducting exchanges and communication of defence policy and military security, and another fields in all various national levels; army personnel trainings are executed more intensely day by day, the number of exchanges of military students between the two countries is increasing; joint exercises and joint training is expanding to multiple fields and levels.

The article continued stating that China has always pursued a defensive national defence policy, and the development of China’s military power does not pose a threat to any country. No matter till what time for sure it develops, China will never seek for hegemony (a leading role), expansion and power of influence. China actively develops constructive military relations with the outside world and promotes the establishment of a new type of security partnership featuring equality, mutual trust, and win-win cooperation. The Chinese military always aims at win-win cooperation, seeks a peaceful and stable situation, develops an positive and initiative trends, by using high-level exchanges as the strategic guidance, comprehensively manage foreign military relations and strive to build a new pattern of comprehensive international military cooperation.

And the following statement said, the current anti-epidemic cooperation has become the focus and highlight of China-Indonesia military cooperation. The Chinese and Indonesian militaries help each other and become a model of cooperation in fighting the epidemic to face the challenges. At the most difficult time for China in fighting the epidemic, Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, together with Minister of Defence, Prabowo, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Hardy and others had actively supported and stood for China in various ways. It turned the cases that the defence ministers of two countries talked over the phone to exchange views on anti-epidemic cooperation; The Ministry of National Defence of China dispatched military aircraft to transport donated medical supplies to aid Indonesia in fighting the epidemic; Chinese and Indonesian military medical experts also successfully held a remote video conference on the Covid-19 epidemic to communicate and discuss intensely, and exchange experience to fight against the epidemic situation.

In conclusion, after being tested by the epidemic situation, the friendship between the Chinese and Indonesian armies will surely be further consolidated and deepened, and of course will add new vitality to the sustained development of the bilateral relations. 

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2. China News Report (reporter: Lin Yongchuan)

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